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  • Ann Testa

    ANN TESTA has been active in ceramics continuously since 1976. She does functional work in addition to the non-functional raku featured on her website. She was a founding co-owner of the Davis Clayworks in Davis, California, and an active member of the Artists' Collaborative in Sacramento. (Visit her website for full bio)

  • Barbara Brown
    Barbara's goal as a clay artist is to create objects that communicate peace & tranquility. Inspiration and ideas are developed from studies of natural & organic forms. Elements taken from stones, water holders and plants are studied, sketched and abstracted for future use in design work. (Visit her website for full bio)
  • Cindy Couling
    Cindy has worked as a professional artist, illustrator and designer since 1992. She expresses her whimsical, colorful style in a variety of media including pencil crayon, block prints, ceramics, watercolor, pen and ink and whatever medium strikes her fancy. Collage and artist trading cards are recent passions. Cindy enjoys observing people and incorporating their unique expressions and personalities into her work. (Visit her website for full bio)
  • Doris Fischer-Colbrie
    Doris first encountered clay as a mathematics graduate student in Berkeley, enjoying the opportunity to get real results as opposed to the struggle to tie down difficult theorems. She left mathematics after years of teaching at Columbia University and San Diego State University. She maintained my contact with ceramics and currently assist in teaching ceramic classes at the Palo Alto Art Center. The Main Gallery in Redwood City, Allied Arts in Menlo Park and the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto regularly display her pieces. (Visit her website for full bio)
  • Elaine Pinkernell
    For over 20 years I have been a studio potter creating fine art for the wall and funky functional ware all from that amazingly versatile medium, clay.  Along the way I’ve become a mother, a teacher, and a student of children.   Watch a child make art.   There is no fear.  Our best work emerges when we operate in a place of no judgement.  So I scribble.  (Visit her website for full bio)
  • Heather Pedersen
    Heather has done both sculpture, and functional work. Each feeds a different aspect of her desire to create things. Artistic sculpture is deeper and more absorbing to create than functional ware. However, she enjoys having the completed functional ware more than a completed sculpture. She has found that there are certain shapes and textures that are really made to be touched and handled. The balance, weight, and texture are just right to settle into your hands. (View her website for full bio)
  • Hsin-Chuen Lin
    Hsin-Chuen Lin has shown his work nationally and internationally, and won many awards. His work has been featured in many books and magazines, such as The Best of Pottery, The Ceramic Design Book, Ceramic Art in Taiwan, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times. He sells to select U.S. galleries and national jury craft shows. His work is in Museum and private collections in Taiwan and all over the United States. (View his website for full bio)
  • Joy Munshower
    Joy Munshower is a long time veteran of the construction, tile and stone industries. She is absolutely passionate about tile, stone and bronze, its uses, design layout, applications, installation and maintenance. She has 15 years+ of experience as a sculptor, tile maker and interior designer, having previously worked with prominent tile and stone installation companies as well as several of the industries largest tile manufacturers and distributors.
  • Lee Middleman

    Lee is particularly interested in the organic interplay between order and randomness. While attending a workshop in Mashiko Japan, he had the privilege to meet Tatsuzo Shimaoka and his students. His work inspired him to explore textures in clay. He has developed a personal technique for deeply impressing textures into thrown cylinders with minimal distortion. When he shapes the piece, from the inside only, the pattern evolves as the clay twists and expands. More recently, he has begun to explore textures created using glazes and slips on natural clay surfaces. Hand-carving patterns on vessel surfaces has added a new direction to his work. (View his website for full bio)

  • Linda Mau
    "As life becomes increasingly complicated and demanding of our attention, my artwork becomes more and more quiet. Through simplicity of design and surface, I hope to provide a peaceful place in this busy world."
  • Matt Hoogland

    Matt has shown his work in many local galleries, studio sales, and art tours. Recently he's been concentrating on the wood firing process, and the saggar firing process. He joined a group of his potter friends in constructing two wood burning kilns, a soda kiln, and a salt kiln in the Spring Valley hills outside San Jose CA. He has made his love of clay his business. Purchasing the local clay and glaze manufacturing businesses with partners. (Visit his website for full bio)

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