Teaching Philosophy

At Higher Fire, our approach to teaching is summed up as follows:

Show > Tell > Encourage > Enjoy!

Our instructors love to teach and share their knowledge. We're as excited as you are when the light bulb goes on, and your hands start doing the things you want them to do with the clay. Our goal is to create an environment where questions are welcomed and information is shared among all participants in the class.

Something new each week…

Instructors demonstrate each and every week. Period. Demonstrations supplement the basics taught to beginners and keep classes lively. We hope to inspire and illuminate new paths for even the most experienced potters.

Online Learning & Video Library

Online Learning libraryStudents are encouraged to make use of Higher Fire's extensive video library of demonstration DVDs. We offer videotaped demonstrations of our own instructors so you can refresh or review any topic whenever needed. We also post our instructional videos to YouTube so you can watch any time.

Higher Fire's instruction library includes workshop DVDs from ceramic superstars, such as Cynthia Bringle, Chris Staley, Bill Van Gilder, Tom Coleman and Lorna Meaden… Watching the masters helps you find new directions in technique, form and finishing. We hope to propel your work to another level. DVDs may be enjoyed in our studio library, or on the classroom TV.

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